Truck transport

International and domestic truck transport is realized with our own fleet. Currently we have semi-trailer sets with loading volumes of 91-95m3 and payload of 25tones. All vehicles meet the highest environmental standards of the European Union, class „SUPER GREEN“EURO 3 to 5. With our vehicles we can also carry out carriages of goods under ADR Agreement concerning of the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods. Vehicles are equipped with ADR 8, also obviously equipped with protection equipment (helmet, goggles, clothing, shoes with steel toe, and others. Vehicles are also equipped with the kit for attaching and protection of goods (ratchet straps, plastics corners etc.), which are regularly exchanged. All vehicles are in perfect technical condition, what is secured by regular servicing in authorized services across whole Europe. They are driven by experienced drivers with experiences in international transport. Drivers receive regular driver training and ADR training. Obviously all vehicles are equipped by mobile phone and GSM with pan-European monitoring, what allows us regular monitoring of the vehicle location and condition of the goods of our customers. Our company has third party liability insurance according to convention CMR up to 165 000, 00 EUR. In the case of transport of goods with higher value we can provide the necessary additional insurance coverage.

We transport goods:

1. Under agreement concerning of the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods ADR
2. Transport of the over-sized goods
3. Transportation machinery and equipment
4. Transportation of sensitive goods